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Royalty Rewards

Text code "ROYALTY" to 578-277, fill out information below, or stop into one of our locations!

Exclusive Rewards

Exclusive rewards only Royalty Rewards members receive. Some of our rewards are:


  • $5 cash reward for signing up

  • $10 cash reward every 5 visits

  • $10 cash reward after first visit

  • $25 Birthday Gift (Available for 7 days)

  • $15 cash reward for 5 visits (Can only be redeemed once until redeeming $50 Free Play)

  • $50 cash reward for 15 visits


Sign up to receive updates on other rewards.

Exclusive Giveaway

Each Royalty Reward point is used for our Bi-monthly Giveaway, and can only be accessed by signing up. Don't miss out on the FREE giveaway items!

Bonus Promotions

By joining Royalty Rewards, you are updated by your choice of text or email on the latest/new promotions.

GiveAway tiers

Tier 3 - Low

Entered after 10 points

Tier 2 - Moderate

Entered After 20 Points

Tier 1 - Highest

Entered After 30 Points 

Price Point: $350-$500

Price Point: $750-$1000

Price Point: $1000-$2000

Points Expiration

All points expire at end of year. All points totaled by end of year will be entered into giveaway. Any points not redeemed will count as two points to final drawing.

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