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Earn $5 CASH REWARD for signing up for Royalty Rewards

Text code "ROYALTY" to 578-277, fill out information below, or stop into one of our locations!

Join Royalty Rewards

Thanks for Joining!

Exclusive Rewards

You receive Royalty Reward Points after every visit. Points are entered into the giveaway pool and are used to receive cash for free play. The more points, the more cash and better rewards.

Cash in for rewards

You are offered to cash points in for reward money at any time.


Points used for Giveaway tickets.

Each point is entered into giveaway drawing. Although points can be redeemed, all points are still added to giveaway.

End of year giveaway

All points expire at end of year. All leftover/saved points are x2 for final giveaway - our LARGEST one!

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